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Theodora D is an Αthens-based conceptual jewel designer who has been active in the fashion industry for more than ten years. She has studied in Greece and Italy and attended several seminars of painting, sculpting and jewelry design & fabrication. Theodora has worked as a stylist in fashion magazines in Greece. For the last nine years, her career is focused on the creation of contemporary jewelry, art objects and costume design for theater. As a jewel designer had several collaborations with Greek fashion designers and has participated twice in the Matrix World Tour Shows.

Theodora D’s creations are inspired by her personal journeys around the world and they are a reference to her studies and practices in art history, sculpture and fashion. Her influences originate from the refreshing Romanticism and Postmodernism and she uses elements from nature and movement, playing with volume, shapes and contrast.

She believes in the aura that each woman showcases when wearing her jewelry and in the history that is written on the pieces and passes from generation to generation as a precious baton. Surpassing the transience of trends, she creates jewelry which is a study in elegance, balance and light.
Theodora D creates unique pieces, made using gold or silver. She uses wax as mold for her pieces or carves them directly on metal like a sculpture. She always uses high quality materials and all creations are unique and handmade. Theodora D's work emphasizes to caress the feminine curves and is eccentrically carved to offer an extraordinary sensation.


LOVE GREECE Solid Metal Awards